Your partner in investments

Level Two Investments is a UCITS investment fund (not fond) for different investment strategies and all investor types.

The reasons for creating an investment fund or company can be many, but key features are the scalability and distribution powers.

Essentially a fund can be regarded as super-optimised network of virtual specialists each contributing in their area to the running of the fund within the framework of an increasingly demanding regulatory environment of the financial sector. Thus making it possible for you to focus on the management of capital and servicing the investors.

Network of specialists

A fund can be regarded as a business in which selected services are outsourced for the objective of maximal productivity.

We have combined a conflict free structure for various combination possibilities, all working together and each in their own right:

Professional Board

The LevelTwo board is composed only of professionals with a long track record of at least 10 years within the Luxembourg fund industry.

Each ready within his/hers area of competence to facilitate your fund project:

  • Elisabeth Anna Backes
  • Kim Asger Olsen
  • Carsten Matthias Salewski
  • Jørgen Jessen